Buying land in Mashhad online

Buying land in Mashhad online

Wallas Plus Investment is related to the website active in the field of investment and supply of industrial and construction goods with the aim of investing in real estate and real estate for all financial levels, providing investment services in this field; Our efforts are always in creating your investment, growth and promotion; Therefore, online investment and online land purchase can be experienced in this collection and you can create a great future for yourself and your children, so start investing from small steps…

And how to buy land online from Mashhad

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Consulting and sales unit: +985137123123 – +989216068189

Financial and support unit: +985137236561 (3 lines)

Also, this group is one of the suppliers of goods in the field of industry and construction; which distributes goods throughout the country and the list of products can be checked on the website.